As the weather warms up, some of Australia’s leading marketers are looking to take advantage of one of Outdoor’s peak seasons: summer.

“We use Outdoor across the year and particularly in summer when the eyeballs aren’t there [for TV]”, says Adrian Weimers, Corporate Manager for Lexus Australia. “[It’s] a great way for us to be talking to our consumers when they’re out and about.”

Out and about they are. While we know that 9 out of 10 people leave home each day, during summer a whopping 83% say they spend even more time outdoors, proving that Outdoor delivers even bigger audiences in summer.

Whether travelling, visiting friends, shopping or eating out, this active leisure time sees people’s media consumption changing, with 33% of people watching less TV and 21% spending less time online*.

“Getting the right, inspiring, eye-catching content is quite specific and very different to what you can do in digital,” says Qantas Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Tully. In summer audiences are engaged and primed for ad messages, with 54% of people saying they are more aware of Outdoor advertising. And with Outdoor the only media to influence three out of five shoppers immediately prior to shopping, contextual relevance is key.

“Very strategic use of Outdoor is powerful for us. Quite often we have very simple messages around launches. Take frozen Coke for example, or if we’re doing Waffle Cones over summer. It’s an impulsive purchase and not a complicated message,” says Mark Lollback, Chief Marketing Officer for McDonald’s Australia & NZ.

But whether you’re a big or small brand, messages that are easy to digest and attention-grabbing are perfect at making a big brand impression and creating a physical presence.

“In the world of digital and social channels and much more targeted communications, Outdoor delivers a chance to get brand visibility that virtually no other channel can do for us,” says Head of Marketing ANZ Australia, Carolyn Bendall.

And for pure play digital brands like Spotify, using Outdoor to supercharge your brand to life is a bit of a no brainer. On their recent 'Text to Listen' campaign, Spotify designed a mobile microsite with a specific call to action. “Each piece of creative had a slightly different mobile number so we could track how many people were interacting with the ad, which ad in particular and at which time. What we found though is that just as many people actually Googled the ad execution as they did use the mobile call to action, which was a really nice upside for us,” says Spotify Director of Marketing Serena Leith.

So, there you have it, why five leading brands are Outdoor this summer– so what are you doing? Summer is Coming, Get Outdoor!


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