Campaign Delivery.

Points to note:

  • All Media Bookings start on the 1st day of the month as per the Billboards New Zealand Outdoor Calendar
  • Unless booked as a last minute campaign, all Campaign Instructions are due 21 days prior to the Media Start date
  • Printed Creative to be received 7 days prior to the Media Start date

Once booked with us if we are not doing the creative for you, we will send you

1. Campaign Details & Delivery Addresses
2. Production Specifications

Key steps:

1. Campaign Instructions Request

1.1 Campaign Instructions – due 21 days prior to the Media start date You must provide us detailed information in relation to each Static and Transit Creative Design and the allocation of each creative design to your Campaign bookings.

Details required include:

  • Number & name of designs
  • Allocation of designs (either to static panels, or transit quantities per state)
  • Embellishments [extensions | patches | etc]
  • Name of the printer or who is supplying the creative material
  • Any special request or additional information in relation to your campaign

1.2 Creative Approval – due 21 days prior to the Media start date. You must provide a jpeg of each Creative Design for Copy Approval. We will advise you when your creative designs are approved and release Barcode Numbers for you.

1.3 Artwork file – required if Billboards New Zealand is managing your production, creative is due 21 days prior to the Media start date. You need to provide your Artwork file for each Creative Design.

Please ensure your files are labelled Campaign ID_DesignName
Print ready PDF artwork files are the preferred format for Production

Digital Artwork files are to be supplied in JPG format, and emailed through to the digital team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Delivery – required if you are managing the production all Material is due 7 days prior to the Media start date You need to ensure that all Creative stock is delivered to our nominated address in each State – see attached Campaign Details & Delivery Addresses.

Labelling - all material must have the following details clearly labelled:

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign ID Number
  • Panel Size
  • Static Panel Number
  • Quantity (including spares)
  • Barcode image and number

Packaging - all non-reusable Creative material when packed must be rolled from left to right with the printed image facing inward.

Delivery times - all deliveries must be made Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm.

3. Barcodes – required on all Creative Material Billboards New Zealand operates full Barcodes for all our Media Assets and Creative displayed on them. This is an industry first that enables us to significantly better track your campaign creative and report on delivery performance.

To support this all your printed Creative must include the assigned BBNZ Outdoor Barcode number image.

The Barcode number will be released to you [if you are managing the production] or to our printer [if we are managing the production] upon approval of your Creative.

Let's do something BIG together.

Send us your brief from the contact form, or feel free to give us a call. We look forward to working on your next advertising campaign together.

Give us a call: 09 889 6836

Send us an email:

Suite 8252, 17B Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052. New Zealand

09 889 6836
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