Billboards Roadside

There’s no doubt that Billboard Advertising demands attention. While other media is fragmenting, and people spend more and more time outside, the Billboard audience continues to grow. Billboards are also a great compliment to your other media channels, helping to extend your campaign’s reach. We cover all type of Billboard Advertising formats, from small 6m x 3m sites through to huge 22.6 x 2.6m Freeway Bridge Billboards.


6.0m X 3.0m

Lowest Cost

Most common size

- Local Advertising
- Path to Purchase
- National packs available

Main and secondary roads
15,000 - 30,000 cars p/d

Also known as a 24 sheet, these highly cost effective sites are extremely popular within small to medium businesses, the fashion and magazine focused industries, utilizing the same creative design as press ads. This type of site can be found predominantly on secondary roads and connecting arterials, railway stations, cafe precincts and suburban commercial areas.

6.0m X 3.0m BILLBOARD Roadside


12.0M X 3.0M

Most Common size
High Demand
Medium Cost

Main Arterials, Freeways
Secondary Roads

With over 36 square metres of advertising impact, these 12.0m x 3.0m billboard sites pack a huge punch for their cost. The industry standard for billboard signage, supersite billboard are situated on main arterials, highways and freeways these huge signs allow clients to easily rotate material from site to site and plan campaigns across multiple markets.

12.0M X 3.0M BILLBOARD Roadside



Highest Cost

High Demand

- Mass Brand Awareness
- High Reach
- High Frequency
- High Impact

Main Arterials, Freeways
Key Locations

50 -150,000 cars p/d

The Landmark sites cannot be missed, vital for any campaign demanding mass brand awareness. Usually of random size, this billboard type is generally positioned at key locations within the CBD and Freeways. Victoria St Auckland, City Gateway, Britomart Towers and the Fanshawe Blades.




Medium / High Cost

High Demand

- High Impact

Main Arterials, Freeways
Key Intersections

Shared Advertisers
6 - 7 Advert Rotation

The Digital billboard is becoming one of the most popular formats in the Out of Home industry. They are high resolution, attention grabbing, interactive and allow for immediate turn-around on creativity and installation.

Digital BILLBOARD Roadside

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