FEBRUARY 2 Ads on the MOVE

Ads on the MOVE

AUSTRALIA'S outdoor advertising industry is tipped to get a bigger slice of the advertising dollar thanks to an audience-measurement system unveiled this week. MOVE (Measurement Of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is the product of nearly five years of research to develop a way of measuring how many people are likely to see outdoor advertising. It has been hailed as a world first by the industry.The project used government data to map people's movements from home to work and elsewhere, and check what form of transport they used. This was plotted against data gathered from 15,000 people wearing special camera-equipped glasses to measure how visible various advertising sites were to passers-by. The data was put together to generate a ''Likelihood To See'' score for every outdoor advertising position. MOVE covers about 60,000 positions in five big metropolitan areas and includes the major outdoor advertising formats such as roadside billboards, posters and street furniture. source THE AGE

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