Billboards Auckland.

Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous city, and features many areas desirable for advertisers wanting to reach the right kind of consumers. Whether it be the affluent Ponsonby, Mt Eden and Eastern Bays audiences, or retirees in Auckland’s North Shore, white-collar workers in Auckland’s CBD, or drivers commuting on one of the city’s various motorways, BillboardsNZ can find the right outdoor advertising billboard or OOH formats for your requirements.

Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Auckland

The best way to generate mass reach in Auckland is to advertise on billboards on the major motorways. Auckland has a reputation for the most congested roads in New Zealand, and State Highways 1, 16 and 20 which connect the different parts of Auckland are frequently clogged during both morning and afternoon peaks. The relative affordability of vehicle registration costs, mixed with a growing population and recent immigration influxes has meant that billboards in Auckland are working harder than ever in reaching a very large and diverse audience, on an affordable scale. Billboards NZ can provide you with billboards on all of these motorways, as well as the other busy secondary roads that intersect the city. Typically billboards in Auckland come in two main sizes: 6x3m and 12x3m sizes. 6x3m billboards are the most common, and are also the most affordable billboard format, providing scale to stand out against the urban backdrop at an affordable cost of entry. They are dotted all over the city, including placements on major motorways, on monopoles along major roads, and on the sides of buildings in the more built-up areas. 12x3m billboards are the standard for large format advertising, with placement most commonly found along major motorways, and also in high-profile locations in the city. This size of billboard is used for impact, and by virtue of being situated in heavy-traffic thoroughfares are also a key driver of advertising reach.

With daily, weekly and monthly display options, billboards in Auckland provide a greater flexibility to fit in with the timing requirements of your campaign, and the presentation of the billboards themselves is of the highest grade in the country.

With the advancement of technology in the sector, customers of BillboardsNZ can capitalise on placement within the network of modern digital billboards found across the city, with some also having the ability to directly interact with consumers for that additional brand connection.

While we do love billboards, we can also place your advertising on various other outdoor formats in Auckland, such as billstickers, buses and bus shelters, within office towers, inside and outside shopping centres, and also at the airport.

If you want your advertising to get noticed in Auckland, Billboards NZ can help. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

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